Dji Phantom 3 Controller Battery

Sep 11, 2017. My P3A controller battery won't charge to 4 lights, common issue apparently. I'd like to swap the battery before sending it away for repair as the repair place want upwards of £100 to just to change the battery. I know replacement batteries are not officially available from DJI but I also know people on the.

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the DJI Phantom 3 Executive Editions range has been extended from the standard 1.2 miles to a whopping 5 miles. A panoramic 180-degree diversity panel antenna and custom programming ensures the long range connection from.

(Battery life is rated at about 23 minutes of flight time.) Sure, the Phantom 3 models aren’t insanely. and camera movements with the controller while monitoring the footage and tweaking deeper settings in the DJI app, which is.

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So my Phantom 3 controller came full charged out of the box and its lasted me a while but now its down to 2 LEDs out of 4, about 48% per the app. I can charge the drone battery without problem, but for whatever reason, when I try to charge the controller, it doesn't charge. How long typically does it take you.

DJI has to lighten up!If a remote controller battery lasts about 2 years,after the warranty period expired. Why can't I order a replacement battery to do the.

I want to buy an extra RC battery,How do I go about doing this? It's for a Phantom 3 Standard controller. I want the battery with the lead and connector com.

. FailSafe technology which can send the Phantom 3 back home if it loses connection to the remote controller for any reason or if the battery is running low. But even with all of these new features, the DJI Phantom 3 was still able to.

Dji Phantom Drones With Camera And Gps The remote will have built-in GPS and microSD card slot. The Phantom 4 Pro and upgraded controller. and the other via a smartphone or tablet running the DJI app. The idea is one camera is for the drone pilot and the other — a micro. DJI Phantom Drone – Learn more about the famous Phantom

Dji Phantom 3 Controller Battery

Dji Phantom 3 Controller Battery