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This drone uses GPS technology to return to last flown site if autopilot is turned on. This UAV is also known as Skybotix coax autonomous. It is very modern and can deliver up to 37 Mbps with the help of WiFi. It’s one of the pricier.

In the last few years the hobby drone market has just exploded. including getting it stuck up a tree and having to throw large sticks at it to coax it back down to earth. It took a beating, and I haven’t used any of the included replacement.

Aug 14, 2016. Hi, Just a quick update for the thrust vectoring coaxial drone project, Config: Maxxprod Himax contra-rotating brushless motor CR2805, 7×5 props replaced…

The Northrop Grumman design, like the Pogo and Salmon of the 1950s, uses coaxial, counter-rotating propellers to achieve vertical flight. But its body more closely resembles Northrop Grumman’s other Naval drone prototype, the X.

One of the big advantages to a rotary-winged drone (helicopter) lies in the fact that it is very insensitive in swirling winds, which can be very strong in urban.

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[Glytch] has been building drones since before they were called drones. Instead of submitting his time machine into the Hackaday Prize, he's throwing his.

We wanted to provide you with an up to date summary of all the drone companies that are present at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. From the.

Coaxial droneAntennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Indoor. – Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna: Sure Grip technology; multidirectional element; paintable surface; 20dB in-line preamplifier system

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Striker Drone Battery Mar 31, 2017  · Next Post Buy New Striker Glow-In-The-Dark RC Drone Replacement 3.7V 500mAh Battery Mike Thompson paid a visit with his family and shared the footage he took using a drone for all to enjoy. The "castle" is actually a medieval manor house and lies in the heart of Northumberland, midway between Alnwick and

May 9, 2017. It's simple to use, and all he needs to do to launch it is hold it in the air and press a button. It does this by being a coaxial drone, or a cylinder with a pair of folding props sticking out the side. The chassis and mechanics for this drone are 3D printable, making this an awesome entry for the Hackaday Prize.

I would like to start a new multirotor project. I would like to start a Coax Copter project for myself. I've done some research on the internet. This is what…

Drone Phantom 3 Camera Phantom 3 Standard is the perfect drone for beginners, with an included camera and live HD view as you fly. DJI has been a leader in camera drones for years, but its best models might be a little pricey and overwhelming for the fledgling pilot. For those who are just getting started with shooting from

Dec 16, 2014. UAV Coaxial Copter Uses Unique Drive Mechanism. Researchers at [Modlab] understand this, and they've come up with a very unique method of controlling pitch, yaw, and roll for a coaxial 'copter using. Posted in drone hacksTagged 3d printed, coaxial, copter, drone, linkage, modlab, pitch, research.

Feb 13, 2015. I would like to start a new multirotor project. I would like to start a Coax Copter project for myself. I've done some research on the internet. This is what…

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John Parker, president and COO of Integrated Robotics Imaging Systems in Kenai, received collision avoidance radar for small drones last week. He plans to integrate the radar with an Infotron coaxial rotor UAV. A coaxial rotor UAV has.

Coaxial rotors or "coax rotors" are a pair of helicopter rotors mounted one above the other on concentric shafts, with the same axis of rotation, but turning in opposite directions (contra-rotation). This configuration is a feature of helicopters produced by the Russian Kamov helicopter design bureau.

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